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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

World's Cutest Baby!

St. Patrick's Day!

Our Lucky Little Shamrock!

Thursday, March 15, 2007


I am 3months old now and changing all the time. I weight over 11lbs. I am starting to lift my head up when I am on my tummy. Mommy is glad that I am finally starting to nap during the day in my crib.
I am a very lucky baby. Mommy decided to stay home with me and not go back to work at Kaiser. Today we went to our first day of work at my Nana's house. Mommy will work there 2days a week. I love to stand up when I am held, and play in my swing and play gym.

I starting to move my hands towards toys and can get them into my mouth to suck on.

I talk to my toys more and more each day making new sounds.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Aunt Haley's Birthday

My aunt Haley turned 7 on March 6th. Mommy, Nana and I toook her to Build a Bear for her gift. We had a family party and I went to her kids party at Skate World. It was so much fun.
First time riding in my stroller like a big girl without the car seat.

Hanging out with Grandpa.

Dedication 2/24/07

My Mommy and Daddy had me dedicated at our church. It was a very special day because my freinds Sydney and Simone were also dedicated. I wore the dress my mommy wore when she was dedicated. Lots of my family and friends all came to be with me.

4 Generations

2months old

Grandma Molly and Grandpa John came to visit.


I went to dinner at my Uncle Jordan and Aunt Katie's house. This is me hanging out with Nana.

I love to play on my play gym. I squeel and talk to the animals.

I love my baths!

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