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Thursday, April 30, 2009

35 weeks and counting...

This past Wednesday was our 35 week mark. Tuesday afternoon I had a Dr's appointment. I had been having contractions Mon and Tues 1-2 an hour all day. I am 3 1/2cm dilated and 80% effaced. Baby A is very low. They are both head down now. At our appointment last week they could see that Mason had hair in the ultrasound. So cool!
I spent the rest of Tuesday night having contractions 5-12 minutes apart. I decided to go to bed and see what happened. They slowed down, but I wasn't so sure that we wouldn't be headed to the hospital. I am now back to 1-2 an hour. Today has been even less. Every time I get a set of them close together I wonder if this could be it. They could come anytime now. 35-36 weeks is very normal for twins and they won't stop my labor.
Everything is ready now for them to come. I even got their name letters to finish the nursery this week in the mail. We are so ready to meet them. Another week would be great for them but with the steroid shots I got in the hospital their lung maturity is not an issue. Madison asks every day for them to come out so she can hold them. She is so excited. She has had a fever since Wednesday night off an on. She has spent much of the last 2 days laying her head on my belly hugging Micah and Mason. So sweet.
Finally, here is my 35 week picture. Please excuse the look of exhaustion. I don't seem to be able to get enough sleep lately.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Easter Weekend

Last weekend started out with Madison and Matt going to the zoo. They took a picnic lunch and their was even a small egg hunt. Madison is still telling us about the animals.

Later that evening they went to church. Here is Madison twirling in her new dress,
and a cute Daddy Daughter picture.

Finally on Sunday I got to join in on some of the fun. We started out the morning letting Madison open her Easter basket. She got a new My Little Pony, new jammies for her Build a Bear Bunny from last Easter, and of course some chocolate.
We went to my parents house for Easter that afternoon where I took over their couch. Matt's parent's and my siblings all joined us. Madison got yet another Easter basket from Nana and Poppy, and some Dora sunglasses and a book from Grandma Dolly and Papa John. Quite spoiled. We had a delicious ham dinner. I was wishing I had more room to eat. The babies don't leave much room for large meals. :)
Haley and Madison did an egg hunt in the house. It was very rainy and wet. My dad's great yard will have to wait yet another year to see an egg hunt. Madison has been plying with her Easter eggs ever since. Who knew they could cause such entertainment.

We once again had a wonderful day with all of our family.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Bed Rest, Sunshine, Friends, & Easter Eggs

So here is where I was over a week ago.

My first weekend home we got to enjoy the beautiful weather. Me from a lawn chair. Madison had so much fun playing outside an riding her new trike.

And since I have been home on bed rest we have had many visitors come stay with us for several hours at a time to help with Madison. Madison is loving having kids over to play. First was my good friend Tricia (who is also pregnant) and her 2 boys Kaeden & Koleson. Madison loves them and they love her.

This morning was our friends Dena and Baby Lindsay from Mommy 2 Mommy.

Dara and Sydney have also been over several times. She has been an amazing friend organizing people coming in the mornings, bringing meals, and doing cooking and cleaning for me when needed. I don't know what I would do without you.
Dara decided that my bed rest needed to be documented.

This evening Nana and Haley brought us dinner and came to do Easter eggs.

Yes I was up for a few minutes to take part in Madison's first egg dying experience. I promise I am on bed rest and actually obeying Dr's orders most of the day.

And finally here is my most updated belly shot at 32 weeks. Madison wanted to have her belly picture too.
(I know you will all forgive how tired I look and the sweats! :) )

Bed rest is going ok. It is hard not to get up and do normal daily things but if I am up to long I pay for it later with contractions. I will be forever grateful for everyone that is helping me keep up my house and bringing us meals.
I hope these last 2 posts meet the expectations of several requests for an updated blog. Family pregnancy pictures still to come later in the week.

March Update

Somehow the whole month of March has slipped away from me. We have done several fun things including: Haley's 9th birthday, OMSI, and the beach. As well as Madison's 2yr ck and 1st Dentist appt.
Luckily we got in a few good family days in last month before preterm labor hit.

Here are 2 slides- the first is just an overall recap of the month, and the second is our trip to the beach. There are a couple of really cute pics from that trip.

We had a great time in Seaside a few weekends ago with our good friends Jason & Nicole. It rained most of the trip but the guys still managed to try clamming twice in the pouring rain, and we made a trip to the candy store and to get ice cream. The day we were leaving was beautiful and we took Madison down to the beach for a quick play in the sand before we got to cold.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Home Again!

I am finally home again! I was actually discharged Friday night instead of Saturday after being examined and monitored that evening. They were happy with my progress and scheduled me an appointment for Tuesday morning with the high risk pregnancy clinic. I apologize if my last post was a bit scattered. I still had magnesium in my system, terbutaline, and a relaxant. I didn't know at the time how groggy it would make me. Apparently you are supposed to get 8-10hrs of sleep and I had taken it an hour or two before. Lets just say I was a bit out of it as I was typing. I will be only taking that at night from now on if needed.

I have had a few contractions and taken my terbutaline 2 times(prescribed for as needed), but otherwise feeling okay. It is amazing how not walking much since Tuesday can make you so weak. Yesterday I ventured outside to the backyard in a camping chair to watch Madison play. It felt so good to be in the sun. I cannot be upright much more than that or I get pretty crampy.

Matt has been taking excellent care of Madison and I. He is doing great on the house as well. I am so blessed to have such a great husband. Madison is doing great as well. I think she is just glad to have mommy home. She has been very understanding of me not being able to get off the couch much. She was glad to get to play in the sun yesterday. Matt put together her trike for her. She has been talking all morning about riding it again today. We have several play dates lined up in the mornings this week so I will not be alone with her. She is looking forward to having kids come to play.

I will try to post pics of the last few weeks later on. We got back our pregnancy family pictures this week as well. Watch for more to come.
Thank you again for all the prayers!

Friday, April 03, 2009

Hospital Stay News & Update!

Hey everyone,
I know that a good portion of you have probably heard that I was admitted to the hospital Tuesday night. Their are many though that may not have as well. I thought I would let everyone know what has been going on and my most recent update.
I went in for a normal appt Tuesday afternoon. I had been having many contractions in the evenings the last few weeks that were pretty uncomfortable but not more than they were concerned with at that point. I went in expecting everything to be normal as it had been every appt so far. When I was checked at my appt I was 1 1/2cm dialated and 80% efaced. Our Dr told us that I would be sent straight to the hospital for monitoring and probably kept overnight to watch my contractions. At that point I had only had 1 all day. When I arrived I was checked again and closer to 2 - 2 1/2cm. I was instantly put on Magnesium IV to hold off preterm labor and given a shot to mature that babies lungs (the 1st of 2). From that point I had painul contractions all night 3-12min apart.
I have been monitored closely ever since all day and night. The contractions started slowing down Wednesday night to 1-3 every hour. Last night was 24hrs after my second steroid shot (goal for premie babies is to have both shots 24hrs apart plus 24hrs) and my IV meds were taken out at 6am and the babies are now off the fetal monitors. I have had belts around my belly the whole time watching their heart rates. I am now just on an oral terbutaline every 4hrs. As long as this keeps my contractions at rest then I should be able to go home on strict bedrest tomorrow morning. They would like the babies to make it to 34-35weeks. I am 31week and 2days right now. I did have an Ultrasound here on Thursday and the babies were 3lbs 7oz and 3lb 10oz. We had a consult with a NICU Dr. who told us that with their weights and both shots he was very pleased with what their outcome would be even if they came this week. They would have several weeks in the hopsital at this point but would be ok and probably not need much breathing assistance. Each day more inside of me is like 2 days less in the NICU.

I want to say a huge Thank you to all the generosity that has been poured out to our family. Their have been so many offers for meals and help with Madison. I could not do this without all of you. We are so blessed to have such amazing support. We appreciate all of your prayers and will keep you posted on the progress of our little ones. I will try to post again once I have had some more sleep and am settles at home.

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