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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Day at the Zoo!

4th of July

For the 4th of July Poppy, Nana, and Haley all came over to go to the town BBQ. It was much smaller this year, but we all got some food and Haley did a few rides.

Later that afternoon Madison had her first wading pool experience. After about 10 pots of hot water added to warm it up she still cried. Hopefully she will do better in swimming lessons next week.
That evening, Jordan, Katie, Ally, Amandaand another friend all came for pizza and fireworks. Madison did really well. She didnt love the ones we did in the street but watched the big town fireworks and the crashed for the night.

Nana, Madison, and Amanda

Aunt Ally and Madison

Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Beach

Madison had her first beach experience on our camping trip. Poppy and Daddy gave her a ride in her very own princess carraige to keep the sun out of her eyes.
She was pretty tired while we were on the beach, but she loved the wind in her face. She didnt really seem to interested in the sand.

1st Camping Trip

We went on our first family Camping Trip the weekend before the 4th with Melissa's extended family. We went to Newport. Madison did great! Other than not getting enough naps she was a wonderful baby. We went on a small bike ride(another first), To the Historic Bayfront, and her first experience at the beach(more pics to come). We had a wonderful time with our family.

Playing with Daddy!
All Bundled Up! We brought along her playmat to use in the playpen. She loved being down and able to kick. My aunt's dog watched closely near by.
Proud Uncle Bubba!
Aunt Katie
Happy Family!
Poppy and Nana Kay
Auntie Haley & Madison sitting by the fire.
Mommy & Madison waiting to have S'mores. Ok... so Mommy had one. MMM!

Growing up so Fast! 6Months

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

more Mommy 2 Mommy pics

Baby Lucas

The end result! -Sydney

Mommy 2 Mommy

We have a wonderful class at our church called Mommy 2 Mommy that Nana Kay teaches. It is a wonderful place to get advice from other moms and just get out from time to time. We had a potluck at mom's house to say goodbye to some dear friends. Christa and Charlotte have moved to California and we will miss them terribly. Charlotts is the baby on the left with all the beautiful hair. Here are some pics from the chaos. There were so many babies everywhere.
Madison and Sydney

more to be cont'd

Father's Day!

We spent the Saturday before Father's Day with Grandma Molly and Grandpa John.

Then went to Nana and Poppy's Sunday for a BBQ and to celebrate Poppy's bday! It was a great weekend.

Best Friends!

Dara and I had a little fashion show with the girls. We dressed them up in all of their matching outfits and took tons of cute pics. Here are some of them.

6Months- June

Madison and Milo! They are best buds.
She found her feet this month. They have become a favorite toy.
She is eating Cheerios and fruit/veggie Puffs now and can pick them up on her own. Milo waits for her to drop them.
She is sitting up on her own more and more.
Her first tooth cut through on Father's Day! It is so cute. We haven't been able to catch it on camera yet though.

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