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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday Boys!

Yes it is true. Micah and Mason are 2! I have two 2 yr olds. WOW! This year has flown by. I look back at pictures of my still crawling 1 yr olds and wonder how they could have been so little not that long ago. They are now full on runners and most of the time in the opposite direction of each other when loose. They are so full of joy and keep me on my toes every day.

Micah is the funny one in the family. He loves to make us laugh by making faces, or yelling no,no, no, no just because til someone reacts. We constantly laugh at him.

He loves....
  • his sissy. If he is in trouble he goes straight to her for a hug! He gives great hugs!!! 
  • to snuggle and sit on my lap. 
  • his binkies. He is what we call the binky connoisseur. If I take one away he will find a new one and if he finds even yet another one he will always trade it out.
  • Fresh Beat Band. Every day all day long he asks for Beat Band Go-Go(his favorite song on Fresh Beat). It is the one time he is sitting and quiet. 
  • to color. I was giving him crayons at the table but they were migrating to furniture and walls. We have switched to a magnadoodle since he wants to sit on the couch and color. Any time he finds a crayon or pencil though he is all about finding paper. 
  • to bounce, bounce bounce. He will pick he feet up and just drop.
  • Chips and fruit snacks.
  • Outside!
Micah is talking more and more every day. He still does not have as many words as Mason but I can understand what he wants most of the time. His favorite saying is Where go? with the cutest inflection. Then very excitedly "There is" or "Tada". He also makes adorable "ooh ooh ahh ahh" monkey sounds while scratching under his arms.
My biggest challenge with Micah are climbing up to the counters to find anything and everything he is not supposed to have. Also taking things from Mason and running laughing saying hahahaha! Little stinker.

Mason is also a little comic but mostly he is the curious leader of the two.

He loves..
  • climbing anything he can including in and out of his crib or into his brothers. Micah only tried once Mason did. 
  • Dinosaurs and saying roar, trucks/cars, and choo choo trains. They actually both love trains since they got a train table last month from Nana and Poppi.
  • his binky. Although he is not quite as attached as Micah. 
  • anything that has a function. Buckles, zippers, keys. locks, opening doors, etc. 
  • fitting inside of anything he can. He tries to fit in Barbie cars, drawers, boxes. 
  • Fresh Beat band, Mickey Mouse(foofy-Goofy), and Blue's Clues.
  • putting anything over his head but mostly Madison's clothes.
  • shoes. He wants shoes on all day long. He can get Madison's on by himself so you will see him wearing hers most days. 
  • doing things himself. He does not want carried but to walk with a hand. 
  • asking for hugs. 
  • outside!
He is talking LOTS. He copies most things we say to him. He says "let go" and "Bubba give it", or "back!" when upset. He is great about saying Please and Thank you. Mason has lots of full sentences all day long. My favorite thing he says right now is "Okay" when I ask him to do something. Also, "I get it" or "I find it". If you ask where anyone is it is "upstairs". This last week he said "seriously". So funny.

They both are talking more words together like I got it, Love you Mom, etc. My cutest thing is when one of them coughs the other says You ok? And the answer yah! So sweet.

The boys love each other. They give hugs, play well, and share things as long as there are 2. If they find 2 binkies they take one to brother. They fight too of course. :) Most of all they keep my busy and constantly guessing. They have challenged most of my parenting tools I thought worked so well. haha! Little did I know how different these 2 boys would be from their sister.

They started climbing out of their cribs a few months ago. If I put Mason in a sleep sack he would not climb out and Micah wouldn't try if Mason didn't. Well that ended this week. They climb out sleep sacks and all even with Mason's crib backwards. I have a feeling we will be doing twin beds much sooner than I wanted.

We are starting to potty train on Tuesday and binky(mimi) weaning will follow a month of so after. They are turning into little boys and not babies anymore.
I love you Micah & Mason. You have been so much fun to have as a part of our family. How boring our lives were before you. haha! I cannot wait to have a summer full of fun with you.

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