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Monday, July 28, 2008

July Craziness!

We have had a busy month of July. In 9days we had 2 baby showers, 1 bridal shower, 3 birthdays, and a family reunion. And of course all the normal summer events. Walks around the neighborhood, BBQ's, and hanging out with family and friends.

We also got to enjoy a day at the zoo last week with Dara, Sydney, Cary, Natalie, and Eli. Madison had a great time and spent the whole trip making animal noises. She took a 3hr nap when we got home.

House Update 2

Back for another house update. This week is the Formal Living and Dining Rm. Also known as Matt's TV room. He wanted somewhere in the house he could watch non Disney channel.

Living Rm- Before

And After

Dining Rm- Before
And After

Most of the house was originally a very peachy beige color. We did it all a khaki color throughout with different accents. There is more actual contrast against white trim than you can see in the pictures.
The living and dining rooms eventually may get an accent color but for now are just neutral. The furniture we already had worked better than I had thought and I am happy with the overall flow of the room. You can see the new carpet as well. We are so happy with it.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Random Sighting

While we were in Lebanon over the 4th I saw an unusual site in a parking lot.
Not only do you rarely see these unless at your grandparents house or in a library, but the internet has made this item virtually not needed.

Yes those are encyclopedias. I couldn't resist a picture. This made me think of the friends episode where and encyclopedia salesmen comes to Joey's door. After much convincing on the salesmens part he decidedes he needs them but can only afford one book. He talks about all topics starting with this letter trying to impress his friends. I couldn't help but laugh and wonder why this person was driving around with this car full.

Bathroom Before & After

I have had many requests to see updated pictures of our house since we have made so many changes. We are slowly finishing one room at a time. Here is a glimpse. I will be posting new rooms over the next few weeks. Come back to see more.

The Bathrooms- The first is our downstairs half bath. It had horrid linoleum and badly painted dark red walls.



Next is Madison's upstairs bathroom. This is the one room we did not repaint. I figured we would do it eventually but it worked for now. We replaced all the flooring in the house with the exception of the 2 upstairs baths.


We found a cute shower curtain that matched the blue and some round mirrors to go with the theme. Eventually I will add a bit more to the decor and we will replace the flooring. It is fun and playful for Madison.


Monday, July 07, 2008

Summer Portraits

4th of July

Our 4th started the week before the actual holiday. We went on our annual camping trip with my family to Newport. Some how we never did actually make it to the beach. Their was a playground right next to our camping site with a sandbox. Madison and Haley spent most of their days their. She got to ride her first bike as well. We were able to borrow a great trike from our friend Mandy to try. We just bought our own this week.

We also went to the Aquarium. Madison loved seeing all the fish.

Our actual 4th was spent with our wonderful friends the Tol's and their family. We enjoyed a BBQ and fireworks. Madison even took a splash into the pool.(She had a little he being pushed in by another little one. She was a bit shocked. That is the reason for the second outfit.) Madison clapped and said more to the fireworks. I was surprised she was not scared at all.
Thank you so much Brian and Brandi for such a fun day.


We were very excited to have at our new house LOTS of strawberry plants. Some are knee high. They have been producing lots of juicy berries for us(multiple mixing bowls full each time we pick). I have made 3 batches of freezer jam, frozen berries, given some away, and of course eaten many. Madison calls them Mimi's.(Yummies) She will eat as many as we will let her. She goes straight to the plants as soon as she is outside.
We have also since living here found that we have an apple & cherry tree, and raspberries. Soon we will have veggies coming from our garden as well. I never thought I would enjoy growing our own food so much. I am not even minding the weeding so far.

Finally an UPDATE!

I know I have been slacking the last 2 months in blogging so here is my catch up post.
I dont expect you to watch all the slide shows, here they are anyways.

In May we spent Memorial Day Weekend in Seattle with Matt's family. We go every year and see an outdoor play. This year it was Beauty and the Beast. We were hoping Madison would take a nap in the ergo carrier before the play but she never fell asleep. She watched the whole 2hr play. What a trooper. We also visited Pike St Market.

Here are some Misc pictures from May & June.

Dara & I have been doing a swap watching the girls one day a week. It as been so much fun getting to have Sydney and watching them play together.
One week we also got to have our friend Eli come play. He is such a sweety! Madison loves having friends around.
We also got to have Mommy 2 Mommy at our house while Mom was gone in Hawaii. We had a great time and good food.

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