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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Baby Shower & Nursery Glimpse

I was thoroughly blessed last weekend by an amazing baby shower given by Dara. She put so much hard work into it. The decorations were amazing and had lots of personal touches just for our family. The centerpieces were vases filled with lots of baby items. Also an adorable diaper cake, Baby A and B hats for the hospital, personalized candles for prizes, personalized M&M's for favors, personalized tea bags, and name banners for the nursery.
It was so fun to be surrounded by so many of my family and friends to celebrate the arrival of Micah and Mason. I received many wonderful gifts, including some adorable outfits and many needed baby essentials. Thank you to everyone who came and those who have sent gifts as well. We appreciate all of your generosity.
Above is my 6mo picture from the shower. I have had a request for a picture in a fitted shirt to show the real shape of my belly. It will be coming next month.
Enjoy a slide show of pictures from the shower.

And to appease many of you here is a picture of the babies bedding and a few pics of the cribs and artwork. Their room is in progress. More pictures will be coming soon.

Last but not least, our most recent shots of the babies.


Mason- I love that it looks like he is laughing.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Marteney Love Day

Or as some of you may call it Valentine's Day. I know I know it is a month later but I have to blog in chronological order.
Thursday night that week Madison and I went to Nana and Poppy's house to make Valentine's and sugar cookie dough for the next day. Our course we couldnt make dough without making any cookies. Madison had a practice run at cutting them out with Haley.

Friday Dara and Sydney came over to make cookies. 5dozen cookies and a very messy kitchen later both girls took a nap while the mommies iced them. Several family, friends, and neighbors were the recipients of the delicious cookies. Of course I saved several for us as well. It is the best recipe.

Madison and I spent V-Day morning at home while Matt was in Lebanon working on his Chevelle. When Madison woke up from her nap Daddy had just come home with presents. I had bought her a little bag off goodies an Daddy brought her a stuffed lion and Singing Dora card(that she is still playing with). Matt brought me beautiful roses as well. If you ask Madison they were hers though.

That evening Aunt Ally came over to play with Madison while we went on a date to PF Changs and a movie. It was nice to have a night out. Thank you Ally! I am sure next Valentine's Day will be a little different around here. We hope you all had a special day as well.

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