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Monday, June 04, 2007

June 2007

I love shoes!!!

I started sitting up all by myself this week. Looking way to cute in my hat with Auntie Haley.
Me and Nana!
Big Girl!
Auntie Haley came to spend the night with me this weekend. It was so much fun to have her play with me. She makes funny faces and noises to make me laugh.

I am almost 6months. Mommy weighed me this week and I am over 16lbs now and 26 1/2 inches.

Memorial Day

Mommy and Daddy took me to Seattle for Memorial Day Weekend to visit my Great Uncle Bob and Aunt Betty. We had so much fun with them.

We took my first ferry ride.

And went to an outdoor theatre to see Robin Hood. It was very cold, but Daddy kept me warm in the front back under his sweatshirt.

5months cont.

Mommy gave me Cheerios for the first time. I was not so sure of them at first. I love the now, and can't get them fast enough. Our mommies think we look so cute in our mathcing clothes.


Daddy's Bday

My Daddy turned 29 in May. We went to my Grandma and Grandpa's to celebrate.
I met Josh and Crystal (she was so sweet and played with me lots). Played with my Grandpa. Even though it was Daddy's bday I got presents too. Grandpa John brought us all back Madison Wisconsin shirts. Mine is so cute with cows on it.

Me with Uncle Mikey. I think he likes me more than he lets on. He plays with me when he thinks nobody is looking. I love him lots too.

May 2007

Best Friends: Sydney and I love to play together. We are starting to notice each other more and try to fingers in each others mouths.
Holding Hands!
I am now rolling over both directions. Although for some reason I only do it at Nana and Poppy's house.
We went on my first trip to the beach. I slept through alot of it though. It was to cold and windy to go see the ocean, but we did lots of shopping. Mommy and Daddy said they would take me back to play in the sand soon. I can't wait.

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