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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Savannah Love

My bestie Dara is currently pregnant with a baby girl. Miss Savannah Faith. I am so excited to meet her. She will be such a fun addition to our group. I was thrilled to get to throw Dara a baby shower this last weekend. We had a joint shower for the girls so this was the first time I have thrown her one. We plan all of our parties together so it was hard to not call her and discuss plans throughout the last month. In the end it was fun to surprise her with it all. Enjoy the photos.

Dara and Big Sister Sydney

Kathy, Carolyn, Grandma, and Brianna

Nana Kay, Haley, and baby Ava

Alisa planned the game.

It was a fun game of Scattegories.

Lots of sleeping babies.

Lots of wonderful gifts.


Dara I am so excited to meet your little girl. And finally get to visit you in the hospital. :) Thanks for letting me celebrate Savannah with you.

For pictures of the rest of the shower decor and food check out my other blog:

Friday, June 18, 2010

I know...

it has been forever. I am so behind. I had been doing well keeping up but the many projects on my to so list are taking over my blogging time. I promise I will be back soon.
I have pics of our rescheduled Memorial Day weekend, gymnastics, and park fun from today.

I also will be updating my business page with the wedding programs I did a few weeks ago and Dara's shower coming up next weekend.

For now, I need to mop. :)

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

1year old Birthday Photos

Last night I finally took the boys to get their 1 year pictures done. We have been fighting weeks of illness in our family so it was the first opportunity to get them done almost a month late. Nana and Haley came along to help and I was sooo glad they did. The boys did great but a 6pm appt is a bad idea. :)
Here are some of the pics.  Micah is in the blue, Mason in the brown.

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