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Monday, September 06, 2010

Catch up- Part 3 Family Weekend

2 weekends ago we had absolutely nothing on our calendar. So what did we do, plan a trip to the beach and to the zoo. It was a fun weekend.

We started by stopping at Matt's parents house to test some wiring on the truck then headed over to Newport where we played at the beach for a while. It was a big windy but it was a blast. This was the boys first time getting to walk in the sand. They just took off. Madison was content to sit and dig the whole time. I did get her to put her feet in the water with me this time though. She is normally scared of the ocean.


After we cleaned up Matt's parents headed home and we headed the outlets and to grab some dinner. Then we drove up the coast to the Cheese Factory for some ice cream. 

We arrived home just in time to put everyone to bed.

I will add the zoo pics to another post since this one got VERY long. :)

Friday, September 03, 2010

Catch Up- Part 2 Bend in a day

The last weekend in July is always Matt's family reunion. I didn't go last year since the boys were so little. This was the first time alot of him extended family had met them. It was fun to see everyone.

Madison & Aunt Betty

Cousins- Madi & Ireland

Madison's 1st french braid

While we were in Bend we got to attend a Birthday party for friends Delaney & Dakota. We only get to see them a few times a year so always love the time we get with them. Madison loves playing with all the girls.

Brandi throws amazing parties.

The boys thought the best part was getting to finally run around.
In opposite directions of course.

Love this one- both trying to stand up.

After the park we went to Brian and Brandi's house for pizza and play. Thanks for having us over guys. We miss getting to see you more often.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Catch up- Part 1 The County Fair

The end of July we went to the County Fair with my parents and Haley. We had of course the obligatory HUGE corn dog, elephant ear, and snow cone. We saw lots of animals, watched a pig chase,and Madison even wanted to do rides this year. It was a fun evening.

They greased the boys hands up with soap and then tried to catch the pigs. So funny!

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