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Thursday, September 20, 2007

9Months and crawling!

Madison and Sydney playing- 9months old!

Auntie Haley came to stay with us last weekend. The girls has so much fun together. We went to the park and to Haley's first soccer game where she scored a goal.
Madison is 9months. She is now 20lbs and 28 1/4 inches. This weekend Madison started crawling. She is slowly getting further and further each time and venturing out into the dining room. She also pulled herself up today on her play table. She let go and stood all be herself for a few seconds. She loves to stand and hold on to just one finger. She will also walk across the room holding on to our hands. She will be everywhere before we know it.
Madison got to wear one of her two Ducks Cheerleading outfits this weekend for Game Day! As you can see Daddy is crushed that his little girl is not following in his Beaver ways.
Touch Down!!! Go Ducks! In other news we are selling our house. We have been talking about it for months and finally made the decision. Our house goes on the market tonight. We will be moving into Hillsboro closer to many of our friends and family. We are excited to move and have a shorter drive. If you know anyone looking to move we have a wonderful house and neighborhood. We are sad in a way to be leaving such a great place- Our 1st Home!

8months- Summer Fun!

We have had a very fun summer!

  • We had another ZOO day with friends the Flowerdew's.
  • A trip to Seaside with friends Jason and Nicole where we visited the Astoria Maritime Museum, Fort Stevens, and of course the Promenade in Seaside.
  • We went to Odell Lake camping for Labor Day. This was Madison's 1st trip there. She is the 5th generation to go.
  • And we recently got back from a weekend in Sun River with the Tol's, Dukes', and Chao's. We rented a huge house and had fun with all 6 girls. Yes I said 6. Madison loved swimming in the pool and the bike ride.
Madison started pulling herself up on her excersaucer and mom and dad. She is also on hands and knees now.

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