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Saturday, April 26, 2008


Wenesday night we returned from a 5day trip to the Happiest Place on Earth. Disneyland! My parents took all 9 of us. It was so much fun.

The trip started out Saturday morning at 4:30am with snow on our cars. Madison got sick on the flight there and had a fever for the next 24hrs. (this is our 3rd vacation she has been sick on) She looks pretty punky in some of the beginning pics. Not a fun way to start but it turned out ok. Luckily she slept fairly well between the stroller and the ergo carrier we borrowed from Dara.

The park was packed the first say but got a bit slower as the week went on.
Madison' first character experience was Buzz Lightyear. I walked up to him to get a picture and he reached his hand out to her. She shrieked and slapped it away then proceeded to scream for the picture. She did the same at our character breakfast when Gipetto walked behind her to sit next to Haley. Minnie Mouse, Chip & Dale, and Alice finally won her over. Although she was still happier to watch them from a distance.

Our favorite thing we saw was the Playhouse Disney show in California Adventure. It was a show with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, My Friends Tigger and Pooh, Handy Manny, and Little Einsteins. Madison knew who they all were ,danced to the music, and patted her lap for Rocket(those who have seen it know what I am talking about). It was so cute to see her light up. She also loved all the parades. She would just stare as they went by. She also loved most of the rides we took her on. Especially if they had animals. Every time she would see or hear something that remotely sounded like a bird she would do her tweet tweet sign. So cute!
Overall it was a great trip. We were all exhausted and ready to be home though.

Enjoy the pics. This is only a fraction of the over 300 I took.

To Cute for Words!

Here are a few fun pics of our big girl.

Yes it really is a green bean going in her mouth. Many of you know that Madison would not eat a vegetable in solid form for many months. We have tried many types and they all ended up on the floor. I kept offering them. One night I put them on her tray attempting again and she shocked us by eating them all and asking for more. I think she ate 25 green beans. It was a big moment.
Grandma Molly came to visit 2weeks ago while Mommy got a weekend away at Women's Retreat. Daddy kept Madison for 2 whole nights by himself for the first time. They had a great time going to the zoo and Peyton's birthday party.
This is Peyton, Madison, and Logann enjoying the sun in a wagon. What a great way to spend a Saturday with friends. We are excited that Madison loves to be outside. It should be a fun summer.
Madison loves her kitty. She is constantly trying to lay on top of him to snuggle. There are a few moments when he actually allows it. He is so patient.
MMM! Madison's first taste of cake batter. She is becoming quite the chocoholic! Wonder where she gets that?

Boxes, Boxes, and more Boxes

We have been surrounded by boxes for many weeks now. They are making for fun hiding spots for Madison and Milo.

A few weeks ago Dara and Sydney got to have a sneek peek of our new place. The girls had fun climbing the stairs and checking out Madison's new room.

We finally move this coming Friday. We are very excited to get settled in our new place. The boxes are stacked high and furniture is getting scarce. We have been selling a few peices that we dont need in the new place. If anyone is iterested we still have a great desk and table for sale.

Watch for more pics to come of the new place after we spend the next week painting basically every wall. New flooring and appliances go in this week as well. YAY! It is getting closer.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Spring Pictures!

We went and had Spring/Easter pictures done with Nana Kay and Aunt Haley. I wanted to capture how sweet Madison looked in her Easter dress. I also got the girls matching summer dresses. So of course another photo op! Enjoy!

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