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Friday, July 16, 2010

Softball and Fireworks

We got home from camping Monday the 5th all of us tired and ready to be home. The one bummer thing about camping was no fireworks. My parents bought some to do once they got home and invited us to come over Tuesday night. It just happened that my dad had a softball game that night as well. We had been trying to make it to one for weeks. It was either a late game or bad weather. It turned out to be at 6:30 and beautiful. We went to his game, then Madi went to dinner with my parents and the team while I went back home to get Matt. We put the boys to bed at my parents and once it got dark my Dad lit some fireworks for the girls. Just enough to make them happy. It was a fun evening.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

4th of July Camping

We have an annual tradition of camping with my family every 4th of July. It has grown from just y dad's side to include my mom's side and my inlaws. We did not get to go last year since the babies were so tiny. It had been almost 2 years since our last trip. This was the babies first. There were about 20 of us throughout the weekend. There were some challenging parts with 2 not walking but active babies, but overall it was fun. Madison spent most of the weekend digging with a bucket and shovel playing in the dirt. She also went on her first fishing trip. She LOVED it. That's my girl. It was a great weekend. I am just hoping the boys are walking by Labor Day. {grin}

Riding with Grandma Roxie

Miss Ellie came to play.

Playing with Papa Chuck

Snuggles with Poppi

Bundled for bed. mid 30's at night.

The best part of camping. MMM! 3in marshmallows.

The grandma's
'Fishing with Daddy

Haley and Grandpa Doyle

Matt got in a few fishing trips. Including his first fly fishing.

The girls enjoyed an evening movie.

The kiddos!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Fun in the Sun

The kids have had lots of fun playing outside the last few weeks. Many trips to the park and playing in the backyard. He are some of my favorite pics so far.

No nap and extra sun resulted in crashing in the family room.

We have been enjoying lots of these.

Tuesday Market with Nana & Haley
Even the babies got swords.

Sydney came to play this week.
This is my favorite picture ever of the girls.

That has been our summer so far. Hope yours has been just as fun.

Friday, July 09, 2010

14 months

The boys turned 14mo old yesterday. They are getting so big. They are both adding new sounds all the time and taking 2-3 steps here and there. Never when you want them to of course. They love to stand and walk on handed along the couch. I think they could do it if they wanted to. We went on their first camping trip last weekend. Pictures to come. And they are loving playing outside. They are such fun babies.

Micah is quite the ham and loves to laugh. He is fairly content to play and even by himself if he has snacks. Mason is silly as well. He loves to dance and make funny sounds. He chatters sentences of buzja, buzja, buzja, and daba, daba, daba. It is so funny. He has become quite the mama's boy recently. He can go from sweet and loving to a full thrown arching fit in 2 seconds. They have totally flipped in neediness the last few months. They both love to give open mouth slobbery kisses. The kind where they grab your face and plant it on you. But watch out or you may pull back a bitten lip. They just keep going. haha!

These are last months pics I never posted. I will post this months after they hopefully get their haircut this weekend.



Thursday, July 08, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend in June

Yes I am playing catch up! but at least I am posting. {grin}

Every year for Memorial Day weekend we visit some of Matt's family in Seattle. This year the kids had all just finished horrible colds and I ended up getting it 2 days before we were supposed to leave. We rescheduled our trip for another weekend in June. We always have lots of fun. 

We started the trip with lunch on the way at Rain Forest Cafe. Matt loves it and so did the kids.

There is an outdoor theater that we see a play at every year. This year was Sound of Music. It was the boys first ferry ride on the trip over.

We thought the boys  might nap in the ergos but no such luck. They all crashed as soon as we got back in the car.

At my request we also made a trip to Pike Street market. I love seeing everything downtown but it proved to be challenging with a double stroller. We were not the only set if twins in one though.
I love all the produce and flowers. We had to get some yummy raspberries to share.

 And of course we stopped to see the fish throwing. 

Madison was intrigued by all the musicians.

We tried to go down to the waterfront. Molly and I walked down while Matt, his dad, and Madison went to move the cars. While we were waiting(they never found parking so we left) Molly and I spotted a celebrity. 

The best part of the trip of course was spending time with Aunt Betty & Uncle Bob.

And Papa John & Grandma Dolly

Our last stop of the weekend was Cabella's for Matt. He LOVES that place. 
Don't we look thrilled. :)

It was a fun weekend!

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