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Friday, March 21, 2008

Sick Family

Our blog has definitely not been updated in a while. Madison started out the month of March with the stomach flu and it has been one illness after the other.
Madison and I tried to go to dinner with Nana, Papa, and Haley for her birthday, but before our food came Madison got sick all over Nana and I. It was the start to a very rough night of her being sick every 30min and a long 4days. Matt was fighting a bad cold at the same time. I got the stomach flu the day Madison got better. We were one of 12 families from church to fight this awful bug.
Once we were all feeling well Madison got Matt's cold and now I have it. We are praying that April brings along with it good health. We are all tried of being sick.

Here are a few pics of our sick girl. We had quilts covering the house to protect our furniture and rug.

Check out the rest of our updates for some good news that March brought us.


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