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Monday, November 24, 2008

It's a ...& a ...!

We had our US today and got a good glimpse of what looks like 2...


Now we have to come up with 2 boy names. We got a fairly clear shot of both babies but I wont be going shopping crazy until after our next appointment on the 22nd. Matt of course is thrilled. Enjoy some new pics. There are a few of Madison as well. She has been telling me she is going to hold and rock the babies and give them a binky and bottle.

Baby A
Baby B


David and Melinda Hall said...

Congratulations on the 2 boys! Having boys is a lot of fun. Madison is such a cutie! =)

JonathanAshlee said...

Yeah for boys! I hope Matt has started planning dirt bike colors...I wonder if they're going to be Ford Boys or Chevy Boys...maybe one of each...oh oh...and one Duck and one Beaver twins are fun!

Congrats! Love you!

Jackson 3 said...

I didn't do the official pole, but does my verbal guess at the Halloween book club count? I said boys..

Brett & Patti said...

Oh my goodness, those ultrasound pictures almost made me cry. It seems like yesterday that we found out that Emersyn was a little girl. How precious to be carrying two special little babies, wow, I can't even fathom! That one shot of the "gender" was very clear. That is so neat you get to know so early on!!! Congrats to you guys!! Are they identical or fraternal?

Christa said...


Clint and Marilyn said...

Yea for boys! They are SO much fun! You were able to get some really great US pictures for that early!

Annie, Joe and Brendan Bessman said...

Melissa, congratulations on finding out you're having boys! They are so much fun in such a different way. Get ready for cars and trucks (and let me tell you... you better know how to make the right sounds.) :) Hope you guys have a very blessed Christmas!

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