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Friday, February 13, 2009

Babies, Friends, and the Space Needle

Once again I am behind in posting. I will start out with a belly pic update since I have been asked by several people. I am 5months in this pic and even bigger now.
The babies are doing great. The babies weighed 1lb 3oz and 1lb 4oz. Measuring right on track. Both babies are also now head down (for now). I was a bit concerned before our last appt due to many contractions (mostly when I am on my feet to much). I was concerned bed rest may be in my future. The Dr. was not concerned and said with twins they are normal. I just need to keep an eye on the frequency. They did increase my appts to every 3 weeks for the next 2 and then every 2 weeks.

Madison is getting quite protective of my belly and doesn't like it when anyone else tries to feel the babies. She got to feel them move for the first time last weekend. She is normally not patient enough but put her hand on my belly just in time to get 3 good kicks. She pulled her hand off each time with big eyes and then put it back. So sweet.

Madison recently went back to the Dr. for an eye check. Some of you may remember that at her one year appt we had been noticing an eye turn. They decided at her recent appt to give her a pair of loaner glasses to wear for an hour or two a day to see if it relaxed her eyes. We go back for a follow up in the summer. She has done fairly well wearing them. They are way to big. Matt calls her Sally Jesse Raphael in them.

This month Madison has been getting lots of time with friends. Several tea parties/ play dates with Sydney, fun with Brock for Superbowl, playtime with Jillian at the office. She loves any time she gets with kids. Hopefully her brothers will be included.

Our most recent family fun was a trip to Seattle to visit Uncle Bob and Aunt Betty with Papa John and Gma Dolly. We normally go for Memorial Day Weekend but we will have a busy month of May with the arrival of Micah and Mason. We had a great time visiting. We even got to go to the Seattle Science Center. Madison enjoyed the tide pool, Kids climbing and water area, and the Butterfly Gardens. She also got her first glimpse of the Space Needle. Check out the slide show below.

Well this should catch us up for a while. I have some fun pics of Madison making Valentine's Day cookies I will save for another post. Have a Happy Valentine's Day weekend.


David and Melinda Hall said...

You look great! I'm glad that things are going good and that so far you don't have to deal with the joy of bedrest.

Kephart Blessings said...

I have to agree with Matt, that Madison does look like a mini Sally Jesse Raphael! But we still love her!

Chris, Dara, and Sydney said...

She does not look like Sally Jesse Raphael! She would need spiky blond hair for that. She's so cute!

Annie, Joe and Brendan Bessman said...

Melissa you look great! And what a big girl Madison is now. I miss you guys and wish we could be hanging out with you too. Take it easy and don't go doing too much. We don't want those boys to come too early!

Debbie said...

Oh My Melissa! You look wonderful but that belly is out there isn't it!?? We continue to whisper prayers for you ladybug....tell your momma hi for me! Blessings~ Deb from Monmouth

Mandy said...

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Clint and Marilyn said...

Dara called this weekend and told me all about your shower! It sounds like you hit the jackpot too! I can't wait to see pictures! I hope you're taking it easy, though its hard to do!

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