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Monday, October 26, 2009

Playing catch up...AGAIN!

This post is for the FIU! Thanks for folllowing along guys.
Here is a collection of some cute random pics.

Feeding has become a huge portion of our lives lately. It has been fun to see what they like.
This is just a portion of the baby food it takes for 2 babies. My freezer is full of homemade food as well.

I love this picture!
(It was totally posed. I never give up a chance to hold my boys for a feeding.)

They have enjoyed almost every food we have tried and love to eat. If you look back at past pictures you can see how much they are really chunking up. at 5 1/2 month they are both about 16lbs.

They are in love with their big sister. Here are Micah and Madison lounging together. They squeal when she comes up and hugs and kisses them. I love this relationship.
They are both finally rolling both ways and love their tummies most of the time.

Mason and Madison snugglin.

They are both enjoying the excersaucer and jumperoo as well. It is nice to have an upright place for them to play. I am sure they were sick of staring at the toys from their back on the play mat.

Watching TV with daddy.

Can you say good daddy! He will probably kill me for posting this. :)

Enjoying a fall walk. First time in the stroller not in car seats. So big!

Daddy is teaching them to say Go Beavers much to mommy's dismay!

Meeting Aunty Tawny and seeing Uncle Michael again.
Aunt Ally with the boys wearing the onsies she bought them.
(Johnny Cash Folsom Prison and Crawl the Line)

Meeting family friends Jon and Ashlee.

The boys have had a few opportunities to stay with Nana and Poppy this month. We got a dinner and movie date night, Mason went to stay for a few hours while I did Pass it on Sales stuff, and both boys stayed while we took Madison to Disney on Ice. Thank you Thank you!

Sydney is still not sure of the boys, but this view is fun!

Back to baby food- Green Beans are not a fave.

They actually gag! Luckily a little applesauce mixed in solves it.

To cute to resist!

They are trying to sit up but not there yet. They sit supported in your lap really well.
The Bebe Pod seats are fun too.

I will be be back with pictures from our Anniversary trip to the beach, Pumpkin Patch, and Disney on Ice. Hope you enjoyed seeing how everyone is growing and changing.


DW said...

We love it! Thanks Melissa!

Melinda said...

Awesome pics! I can't believe how big everyone is getting. They grow way too fast. I must say I do love the lipstick pic Matt! And I like the boys in Beaver gear, it looks good on them!

Annie, Joe, Brendan and Aubrey Bessman said...

I can't believe how much the boys have changed! They are too cute and I love that Madison loves them so much. So glad to see some updates :)

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