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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

6 months

Micah & Mason are now 6 months old. I cannot believe their first year is halfway over. I had better better get going on planning their party. Heehee(grin)!
They are now 16lbs 5oz and 16lbs 8oz. Only a few ounces from Madison at this age. They are still getting up once a night but otherwise good sleepers. They nap 3 times a day still. 10, 1, and 6. This is a very nice thing compared to Madison's nap schedule as an infant.
They are both sitting for very short periods on time now on their own. They have been eating in their boosters at the table, trying a sippy cup, and eating puffs and cheerios. Madison loves helping feed them and stealing their snacks when she can. They are both rolling everywhere as well. Normally only 2 or so full rolls before they are done with the floor. Here are some recent pics.

Thanks Nana for our new friends.


Fall Walk



At the Pediatrician.
MMM Veggies
Sister helping.


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