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Monday, February 15, 2010

Not Me Monday

A couple of my friends have posted some hilarious not me Monday moments on their blogs. Here is mine.

The weekend before last Matt was running to the store for some groceries and items for breakfast. Madison decided she wanted to go with him. So of course I looked at him with questioning eyes and he said yes she could go.

Of course I got her dressed to the nines with her hair done and an adorable outfit. I did not send her in her Christmas pajamas with her hair not even brushed, rubber boots, and random jacket. I was not that parent. And of course I did not take a picture to post on my blog. Not me!


The Dukes' Family said...

LOVE!!! You sound like me...I thought I would never do that or be that mom but we've done that a few times as well...but in our case Brent took two bedheads to the store with him!!!

Patti said...

Ha ha ha, how cute!!!!

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