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Friday, March 19, 2010


This last week we got to have my parents dog Sadie stay with us for 5 nights. She is such a great dog and was so mellow and easy. The kids all loved having her here. Especially Madison. The first words out of her mouth each morning and after nap was, "Can I go get Sadie?". Even the morning after she left she asked forgetting she was gone. We are thinking we may have to work out a joint custody agreement with my parents. :) I am not ready for a dog but I would take Sadie any day.

This is what Sadie was watching. We had kept our cat outside while Sadie was here, but during a nice day we let Sadie play outside for a while and the cat in. Once she spotted the cat she didn't move from the screen door. The babies were entertained.


Melinda said...

Sadie looks like a sweet good natured dog. What great pictures you got of her with the kids!

Annie, Joe, Brendan and Aubrey Bessman said...

What a sweet dog she is! I love seeing animals who do so well with kids. How could you not want to just keep her?

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