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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Multiples & More Question of the Week

What are your tips and tricks for potty training?

I have not participated in the question of the week before but I thought I would give it a go. And such a perfect topic for me considering who my mom is. :) Those of you that know her know she has a system that has been used by many. And for those who don't know her check out her site My Precious and this article.
This system is what we used with Madison and what I will do with the boys. Although I have to admit I am a bit nervous to train 2 at once. I remember a day when I had both Madison and Sydney(her BFF born 1 day before her) while they were both training and thought "I am glad I won't ever have to train twins". HA! Who would have guessed. :)

So for the QOTW: 

  • What age did you begin with your child(ren)? 21months- I really believe that pre 2 is a great time to train.
  • How long did it take? 1 week for the hardest part then maybe a month to be really good and trained with hardly any accidents.
  • Did you use a "system", or just wing it? We did a lot of pre stuff before. Read potty books, had a potty dolly to practice with, potty movies, and potty time each day just to practice sitting. Then we had a Potty Party Day 1 and all paper diapers were gone for good no looking back. We got prizes from the dollar section for successes. A new sippy cup to encourage lots of drinking that day and a timer to go every hour when it went off. Helped keep us on track. Several accidents the first day but she got it really fast. She did not like to feel of wet panties.
  • Did you use specific rewards for incentive? How did that work for you? We had prizes from the dollar store for every success the first few days then just for poop successes after that. Those took a bit longer.
  • If you could change anything about the experience, what would you do differently? Nothing!
  • Did you use Pull-Ups? We only used Pull ups a few weeks in when she wasn't training at  night. Not all kids GET night right away. You cannot really train that. We went to pull ups over panties so she would still feel the wet and wake but not have such a mess to clean every nap. After she had started holding it for a few weeks at a time at night around age 3 we got rid of them completely.            We also used Pull Ups over panties only during long car rides in the beginning. I think that Pull Ups really extend the training time so we used them as little as possible. Cloth Cloth Cloth!
  • Do you think it's easier to potty train multiples at the same time, or separately? I don't know. Ask me in February. I am planning on doing both together though. I don't really want to go through the process twice.
If you stopped by my blog from the MOM link please leave me a comment and let me know you were here. Thanks for visiting.


Liz said...

REally enjoyed reading your post about potty training. It's great to hear of others will definetely help me for the future training of my boys.

Safire said...

It's daunting to think about training 2 at once, huh? I'm not really looking forward to it! But I guess people get through it...right? :) Loved hearing your tips.

Jill said...

Stopped by from Multiples and More...we're about to start so I'm after all the info I can get. Thanks.

Anna said...

Thanks for sharing your experience! I'll be there next spring and definitely a little anxious about it.
Found you from the MoMs blog!

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