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Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Madison is now 13months. We had her 1year check last week. She is 23lbs and 31inches. She is such a happy girl and loves to play. The last couple of weeks she has had quite an interest in playing with her tongue. She will stick it out and wiggle it around until you do it back. It is so cute! She is also laughing more and more. The simplest things make her crack up, like something falling off a shelf. Her and Milo play peek a boo behind the curtains and she just starts giggling at him.
You can see in the slide show her eating one of her favorite foods, bananas. She loves any form of cheese as well.

Since Saturday night after we got home from church she has been running a fever 100-102.8. We are not sure what is causing it. We saw the Dr. yesterday and go back this afternoon. Please be praying for her to get better soon. She is so miserable.


Christa said...

Charlotte's two favorite foods are also cheese and bananas. Watching her sign "banana" is the funniest thing! Hope Madison feels better quickly.

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