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Monday, January 21, 2008


Madison is finally well. It seemed like such a long week. She broke out in a rash(Roseola) the day we left to see my Grandma. Luckily she was not contagious to anyone but kids so we still went and was better by the party. She is back to her normal self now.

We had the 50th Anniversary party for my Grandparents(pics below) and Grandma Roxie was moved today to a rehab center. They are expecting a great recovery. Please continue to pray for her.

My Grandma Phyllis is having surgery this week for her bladder cancer. Please pray for her as well.

Mommy & Madison

Aunt Linda, Gpa Chuck, Gma Roxie, Kay(mom)Haley, Madison, & Dakota(cousin)
Russell(dad) & Gma Phyllis


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