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Friday, July 18, 2008

Bathroom Before & After

I have had many requests to see updated pictures of our house since we have made so many changes. We are slowly finishing one room at a time. Here is a glimpse. I will be posting new rooms over the next few weeks. Come back to see more.

The Bathrooms- The first is our downstairs half bath. It had horrid linoleum and badly painted dark red walls.



Next is Madison's upstairs bathroom. This is the one room we did not repaint. I figured we would do it eventually but it worked for now. We replaced all the flooring in the house with the exception of the 2 upstairs baths.


We found a cute shower curtain that matched the blue and some round mirrors to go with the theme. Eventually I will add a bit more to the decor and we will replace the flooring. It is fun and playful for Madison.



Jackson 3 said...

Melissa that looks so great. I really love the color of the downstairs bathroom!

Jackson 3 said...
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Anonymous said...

So adorable, Melissa!!! I love what you did to that small bathroom. The color change is amazing.

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