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Friday, July 18, 2008

Random Sighting

While we were in Lebanon over the 4th I saw an unusual site in a parking lot.
Not only do you rarely see these unless at your grandparents house or in a library, but the internet has made this item virtually not needed.

Yes those are encyclopedias. I couldn't resist a picture. This made me think of the friends episode where and encyclopedia salesmen comes to Joey's door. After much convincing on the salesmens part he decidedes he needs them but can only afford one book. He talks about all topics starting with this letter trying to impress his friends. I couldn't help but laugh and wonder why this person was driving around with this car full.


Brett & Patti said...

Good to see you last night! I am sure we will see you at the wedding in a couple weeks! :)

Chris and Dara said...

I love this picture because I can see your reflection in the car window. It would have been so funny if the owner had come storming out demanding to know why you were taking a picture of the inside of his car!

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