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Sunday, August 24, 2008

My Precious - Store Front NOW OPEN!!!

7years ago my mom started a business called run from her home. It began with just a few products that she created. Id kits for kids. She strongly believes in keeping our kids safe by having a form of wearable identification on them especially in large public settings. If they are separated having your information on them can prevent a horrible experience from lasting even longer.
They company has grown to over 100 products in Child Safety and Baby Gear. Also a new store front location in Oregon. I am blessed to work for her 2days a week. It is such a wonderful job about a topic I feel strongly. Keeping our kids safe!!! I love getting to test so many new products and helping to get the information out to others. We have a great team of ladies that make working so much fun. Come visit us at our new store!

Check out our line of products at :


Mandy said...

Hey. I've been thinking about you this weekend. I've been wondering how things went on Friday. Hope the day went well. Thanks again for covering for me!!! :)
You're a great MPK employee!!

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