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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Swimming Lessons

We started swimming lessons last week. We did them last summer and she loved it. It is 2nights a week for 5weeks. Water is definitely Matt's thing so he did the first class. Not such a great idea due to her Mommy attachment lately. She screamed for 15min and we finally just left to start over the next class. The second class I did with her and by the end she was giggling, jumping off the side of the pool, and mad we were leaving. We are now both doing the class together it is so much fun. We pull into the parking lot and she starts saying water, water.


Clint & Marilyn said...

SO CUTE in her little swimsuit! Also, I love your new blog cover/layout!

Brett & Patti said...

Where do you guys do swimming lessons? TOO cute!!

Britta said...

I see a little allison in that swimsuit pic

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