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Saturday, October 25, 2008

8weeks Pregnant

Baby A (not sure why its sideways)

Baby B


Sorry it took me so long to get these up. Madison ended up sick yesterday. We are for sure having twins. They are measuring 2 days big and 3 days small. Very normal for twins. They both have great heartbeats. I have been pretty sick and exhausted but hoping it will pass soon. I am getting little breaks from the nausea in the day.
Thank you for all your prayers.


Brett & Patti said...

I went to the Kaiser at Interstate too, who is your Dr.? I had Dr. Knox, love her!!
Congrats, you must be equally excited and overwhelmed!!

Renee' Simmons said...

Congrats hun on having twins. Take it easy, and remember you are not SUPERMOM!

Karla Meachem said...

OH wow!!! INCREDIBLE news!!!
You and your family are so blessed!

Thanks for sharing your ultrasound pictures; I've never seen a twins ultrasound before. :)

Be sure to take care of yourself;
enJOY this new amazing journey!

Anonymous said...

ust wondering if you went back and purchased a second eyore? (sp)

David and Melinda Hall said...

Congratulations on the twins! We are excited for you guys and hopefully our twins and Evan and your twins and Madison can become good buddies. =)

Clint & Marilyn said...

You look great! That is so amazing to see an ultrasound pic with 2 babies! I hope you start feeling better soon!

Christa said...

Cool ultrasound! I still can't believe it!

Chris and Dara said...

You look so cute in this picture! You're going to be a great mommy to twins.

Alisa Reese said...

What do you mean you wish you had a cute little bump? You look adorable!! I'm excited to have someone to grow babies with! :)

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