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Friday, October 03, 2008

Thank you Friends and Family!

We got so many congratulations as comments and emails I wanted to say a HUGE Thank you to everyone. We appreciate all of the support every one of you has given us.
Having so many people excited around us makes us even more excited(if that is possible). Thank you also for the encouragement so many of you gave me on having two. The consensus seems to be that two is easier. Guess we will see.
Madison talks to the baby in mommy's pummy(tummy) everyday. She was even sharing her potty training stickers with my belly last night and saying baby kiss as she kissed my belly. So sweet!
I hear that with the second my belly should pop out even sooner. I am actually exited for this to happen. I think it will make it feel even more real. Nausea has kicked in but nothing horrible. I am hoping to have a fairly sick free pregnancy. I am sleeping lots but otherwise doing great. My first appointment and hopefully ultrasound is on October 16th. We will have an update then.
Thank you again for your prayers and support. We love every one of you.


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