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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Happy Birthday My Sweet Girl!

Today my little girl turned 2 years old. 2 years ago right now I was being moved to my postpartum room, just staring at her. Amazed that I had something to do with creating that little miracle. I cannot believe how much she has changed and grown. She is such a joy to our lives. Her energy and excitement make every day fun. We spent today getting ready for her family birthday party and then going to dinner and seeing Christmas lights with my family. She really noticed the lights this year and even knew who many of the characters were. It is so fun to see the holidays through her eyes.
I cannot wait to continue to see her grow and learn. There are so many fun memories yet to be made.
Madison, you are my miracle baby and I am so blessed to be your mommy! I love you so much!

1day old

1 year old


Chris and Dara said...

Happ birthday, sweet girl! I can't believe you and Sydney are two years old now. We love you!!!

JonathanAshlee said...

Happy Birthday! We're so sorry we could not be there to celebrate with you!

Love you lots!!

Jonathan and Ashlee :)

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