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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Photo overload! A month caught up.

A whole month has already passed us by. Micah and Mason turned a month old on the 8th ad passed their original due date on the 3rd. So much has happened. I picked a small (yes small compared to the number of photos I have already taken) selection of some of my favorite pics to share. Micah (blue) should be on the left and Mason (green) right when two similar pics.
(For some reason when this posted it posted them on top of one another instead of side by side. Micah should be the first photo out of 2 for some of you. )

6 days old

1 week

First outing to the park.
With Papa John, Grandma Dolly, Jason, and Nicole.

4 generations, and snuggling with Popy and Madi.

Proud big sister!

First official ride in new car seats to Nana's office.
(also my first outing with all 3.) 12 days old

Sibling Love

They think they should be thumb suckers.
Mommy is convincing them otherwise with binkies.

Screams ...

Sleep, and Smiles.

First family trip to the zoo. 3 weeks old

Snuggle Time after eating.

Sleepy brothers
4weeks old

Tummy time.
Starting to have more awake moments.

Twin shirts

First night sleeping in nursery.
4 weeks old

Big boys, getting bigger fast.
1 month old 6lbs 10 oz, 6lbs 12oz

And of course big sister Madison being our little glamour girl.

She is loving helping in the kitchen.
She asks all the time to make cookies, and to pick and wash strawberries.

Another favorite activity is Playdoh and making cards with stickers and crayons. It has been so nice that she is able to do these things on her own at times. She is getting so independent.


Jonathan and Ashlee said...

Hey Mel, there are a couple pics in there where I think they look a lot like Jordan!

Melinda said...

Those pictures are great! Isn't it crazy how fast the time goes by? I can't believe that Kaden and Nolan are going to be 9 months old on Monday. We would love to get together sometime this summer!

Clint and Marilyn said...

The zoo at 3 weeks?! Out with all 3 on your own at 12 days?! You are wonder woman!!!

Emily said...

Love it Melissa! They are soo cute, I just want to kiss them! They make me realize just how big Stella is. You are making this whole twins thing look easy!

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