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Saturday, September 12, 2009

See you again next year

Good bye summer it has been fun! Somehow it feels like fall is already upon us. I am very excited for this new season. I love the colors and smells of fall. I am very excited to dress up my 3 little ones in their adorable costumes and making at least one trip to the pumpkin patch.

It should be an exciting season as the boys will be everywhere before I know it. Since my last post Micah has rolled over both ways now. He does not stay still. If he is on the floor he is constantly at least rolling onto his side and rotating on his back in circles. Mason got a bit closer to rolling tummy to back this week. But I think I hurt his feelings by making him cry and work through it for a bit. He was mad any time I set him down the rest of the day. The last few days he has been trying to roll back to tummy but is getting hung up on his arm. He also has started to like standing in our laps. He also found his voice this week and has been talking non stop. Even more that Micah which is rare.
Both boys have also started to FINALLY enjoy baths. Until a week ago they would scream through the whole process. Now they smile and talk. Madison loves taking a bath with her brothers and saying, "Sister is here. Mom he likes his bath now!!! "
I feel like we are really developing quite a routine now. They are becoming more scheduled in their feed and sleep patterns. This makes getting out to do things a little easier. And all 3 kids have been napping at the same time for weeks. YAY! This is a very wonderful time of day. I can honestly say that life with twins is pretty fun! Everyone is adjusting well.

Madison is now 37" and 34 lbs. And she sings. ALL DAY LONG! I love it. And not just little kid songs. She sings all my ringtones and several worship songs. So fun. We have started singing together after we pray at bedtime. She has her favorites. She seems to be leaving the 2's behind and looking forward to the obedient 3's. All of a sudden this week it is like she is trying to obey and be helpful. This makes for a happy mommy and Madison. {grin}

And finally here are some pictures of our summer fun. This should get me caught up at least through August. :) Be back soon with more.

Tummy Time

Zoo with Peyton and Addison

3 months

Enchanted Forest

Baby Dedication



Micah- 1st time in Bebe Pod


Camping in the Family Room for Labor Day

1st Cereal- Not interested

4 months



Ready to Rock

Fair Fun


Melinda said...

Love all of the pictures! Your boys are getting so big and Madison is as cute as ever. The picture with all three of them sitting is precious.

Clint and Marilyn said...

Thanks for all the pictures, I've been eager to see more, but couldn't bring myself to ask you for more because I can't imagine how busy you are everyday! The boys are so cute & look so healthy and Madison looks like she is so much fun!

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