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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

too far behind...

I am so far behind I don't even know where to begin. Summer seems to have passed by without me even realizing. We had had some fun recently enjoying the warm days before they all disappear. We went to the zoo, I got a girl's weekend away to the beach with just the babies, Enchanted Forest, many birthday parties, and both the Washington County and Oregon State Fairs. Hopefully pictures will follow soon. For now please enjoy this family picture taken at the state fair last weekend.

The boys will be 4 months old next week. They are both just over 12lbs now. They are actually almost exactly the weight Madison was at this age. They are sleeping 9-11hours( one 12 hour) at night. They are both laughing and so much fun. They talk or coo like crazy and love to smile the second they see a happy face. They both have found their hands and fingers and are constantly sucking on them. I have a feeling they may be thumb suckers. For now I am pushing the binky.
Micah loves to be upright either sitting on your lap or standing. Mason is content to just lay and watch either in your arms or on his playmat. They are so different from each other. They have both started to grab toys and pull them to their mouths. Micah is trying to roll back to tummy but gets hung up on his arm. Again Mason is just content to stay where he is. He doesn't seem to have the desire to move much. I am curious to see what the timing differences are for crawling and walking between them. Athough I am not ready to really think about that yet. I am still in shock that they are 4 months. We are starting cereal this next weekend with a spoon. I love the food stage!

Madison is doing great as well. She is so patient with the babies and loves to play with them and get them to smile at her. She gets some of the best reactions. I will start to instruct her to be gentle only to see the babies grinning ear to ear. To funny!
I promise to return soon with more updates.


Melinda said...

The boys are getting so big! Time sure does seem to fly by when they are that little. Enjoy it because before you know it they will be crawling and getting into trouble! =)

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