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Thursday, July 08, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend in June

Yes I am playing catch up! but at least I am posting. {grin}

Every year for Memorial Day weekend we visit some of Matt's family in Seattle. This year the kids had all just finished horrible colds and I ended up getting it 2 days before we were supposed to leave. We rescheduled our trip for another weekend in June. We always have lots of fun. 

We started the trip with lunch on the way at Rain Forest Cafe. Matt loves it and so did the kids.

There is an outdoor theater that we see a play at every year. This year was Sound of Music. It was the boys first ferry ride on the trip over.

We thought the boys  might nap in the ergos but no such luck. They all crashed as soon as we got back in the car.

At my request we also made a trip to Pike Street market. I love seeing everything downtown but it proved to be challenging with a double stroller. We were not the only set if twins in one though.
I love all the produce and flowers. We had to get some yummy raspberries to share.

 And of course we stopped to see the fish throwing. 

Madison was intrigued by all the musicians.

We tried to go down to the waterfront. Molly and I walked down while Matt, his dad, and Madison went to move the cars. While we were waiting(they never found parking so we left) Molly and I spotted a celebrity. 

The best part of the trip of course was spending time with Aunt Betty & Uncle Bob.

And Papa John & Grandma Dolly

Our last stop of the weekend was Cabella's for Matt. He LOVES that place. 
Don't we look thrilled. :)

It was a fun weekend!


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