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Friday, October 15, 2010


Madison started her 1st day of preschool on September 14th. She is loving it.
We started the week before school with an orientation to check out the classroom and meet her teacher. Madison and Sydney settled right in.

 Madison's favorite place to play each day.

Her first day was so surreal. Hard to believe I have a kiddo in school. She looked so cute and grown up.

 Ready for the big day.
 Waiting to go in.

First ones in the door.
 So big.
 Each morning they have a question of the day to answer.
 Back at the rice table.

 4 buddies- Eli, Micah, Sydney, and Madison

Their first field trip and school pictures were both this week. So much fun.
Madison has been writing like crazy. She will spend hours with a pencil and note pad. She writes her name over and over. Her S was backwards then one day she did a whole page of just S and now it it correct. She loves to write and has me give her sheets with all of our family names to copy.


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