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Friday, December 31, 2010

Blessed Mommy

I am feeling very blessed today for healthy happy children. I want to cherish every moment of them in this coming year. I know "my" time will lessen as they grow. Even the rough moments of tears and fighting are mine and I am so thankful for even those. As I clean up their toys today I feel happy to have little ones to make the mess. Thank you Lord for allowing me to be a mommy to 3 amazing children. They are such an incredible gift. I don't feel some days like I am adequate to do the job but I know that you are. You chose me to do this job. I want to do it to the fullest that I can. My goal this year is to play more, laugh more,  to give more hugs and kisses, and to be frustrated less.
I have tears running down my face right now and felt inspired to write this as encouragement for others and a reminder for myself to look back. I have been touched today by a few stories of others who have had family tragedy. My heart is broken for them, overjoyed, and overwhelmed at the the thought that God gave each of my children to us as a precious gift. I never want to forget that or take it for granted.
As you go into this coming year of 2011 purpose to find a way to love on your kids even more. I know I will.


Jonathan and Ashlee said...

That was so great Melissa. I teared up reading it. I know you are such a wonderful Mommy! The kids are so blessed to have you and Matt as parents!

Love you!! :)

Kay Green, Child Safety Mama said...

Well said. You are an amazing mother. I am in awe at your composure and grace as you parent these blessed children. I love you and am so proud of the woman you have become!

Patti said...

I think it makes God SO happy when we take the time to realize the gifts we have in our children and our husbands. Your post made Him smile, I'm certain of it. You ARE a great mother, simply because you desire to be one. I thank God every night for Emersyn's health too...there is SO much tragedy out there and we just have to trust Him every day to take care of us all. He is so good. Happy New Year friend!!

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