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Monday, December 28, 2009

Blog name contest- I need your help!

Christmas photos are coming soon, but first I have a little contest for you. As many of you know I have started collecting many crafting supplies over the last few months. I got my cricut and since then have quite a supply of paper, stamps, etc. My plan is to start card making and many other projects I am sure. I would like to have a blog dedicated just to my crafts. Here is where your help comes in. I would like to have a contest for the blog name. The winner will get a $5 Starbucks card.

So get your creative juices flowing and leave a comment with your idea. It could have something to do with any of the following: crafts, M's (all of our M names/M&M's), craft mom, Marteney, Stamping, Paper, Etc. There are some really cute blog names out there but this is sooo not my strength. Help me out!

I cannot wait to see what you come up with.


Anonymous said...

It's kinda cheesy but what about Marteney Marvels? I'll keep thinking. :)

live a colorful life said...

My daughter-in-law, Christa, told me one time that she read marketing specialists recommend picking a food and a color. A couple that I really like: scarletfig, fig and ruby. So along those lines and keeping with the letter M: mango mulberry, mulberry melon, mango martini, although I realize those are really two food names. Colors with M were a little harder: magenta mango, magenta mandarin. Anyhoo....just a thought.


Anonymous said...

Probably not appropriate for the Marteney family, but I like this poker-themed crafting name: "Take a card, or fold".

Chris Gibson (works with Matt)

Christa (Chrissy) said...

If you pronounce your name like I think, I thought of this: The Paper Marteney.

Anonymous said...

How about:

5M Inspirations

Lisa Hamblin

Anonymous said...

Marteney's Creative Creations......good luck! Ronda Smith

Carol Daly said...

• Paper Passions
• The Paper Princess
• I Speak Paper!
• Paper Spoken Here! (my first choice)

Carol Daly

JLBrown said...

MM's Paper Crafting

CAD said...

Missed the "Post" option at first glance, so I sent these to your Mom first ..... here are some thoughts for you:

-- Paper Passions
-- The Paper Princess
-- I Speak Paper!
-- Paper Spoken Here!

Carol Daly, Owner & Founder
The Creative Enterprises Network

michelle said...

"Imagination Unleashed"
"Idea Factory"
"Mom's Memory Making"
"Marteney Corner"
"Marteney's Fun Factory"

Jen Joy said...

Jen Joys says

5M Designs with the logo looking like 5 to the M power.

I have a logo photo she drew for you.

Anonymous said...

Penta-M's Pretties

Love, Michele

Jonathan and Ashlee said...

Marteney Moments

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