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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!

3 years ago today my journey into Motherhood began. I had no idea what an amazing journey it would be. A mix of pure joy and exhaustion. Amazingly sometimes at the same time. Madison's first year taught me so much about myself as a person and as a mom. I truly believe it was preparation for an even bigger test. Twins! I feel so blessed to have 3 healthy happy children and the best job in the world!

I will be 3 on my next birthday is what Madison has been saying for weeks. Well today she is officially 3 years old, 36lbs, and 37inches. How did my beautiful little girl grow up so fast? She has really become a little girl rather than a toddler. She has always been quite advanced in her vocabulary, but now she just doesn't stop talking. I love it. She has come up with some funny sayings lately like, "Are you kidding me!", and "What's the big idea?". She has also become very independent. Wanting to dress herself and help with anything I can let her.

She has developed quite the imagination as well. Pretend play happens all day long. Including the brown dog who makes funny faces and has sharp teeth. He apparently lives under daddy's chair at dark. Where do they get these things? Dress up and her new doll house are her newest enjoyment. I love having a girl. Everything in our world revolves around princesses and anything pink. So fun. She is such a good big sister. She loves her brothers "SO MUCH" as she always tells them. And they light up and laugh for her better than anyone else. I love this relationship. They constantly bring a smile to my face.

Last weekend we had her kids party with 15 of her friends at Pump it up Jr. It seemed to be a big hit. The theme was My Little Pony. Another favorite thing in our household. Click on the link below to see the photos from her party.

Madison 3

Today we will be celebrating with Nana, Poppi, and Haley bringing waffles for breakfast. Then dinner and Christmas lights later tonight. Hopefully it should be a fun day.
Happy 3rd Birthday to our favorite girl! We love you Madison. You are such a blessing and joy in our family.

And a special Happy Birthday to Madison's bestie Sydney who turned 3 yesterday. It has been so fun to watch them grow together. I really thought they would be the closest thing to twins I would ever know. :) haha


Patti said...

Happy birthday Madison!!!! :)

Annie, Joe, Brendan and Aubrey Bessman said...

Happy (late) birthday Madison... you're growing so fast!

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