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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Holiday Preparations!

It has been a family tradition as long as I can remember to get our Christmas tree the Sunday following Thanksgiving. We used to go cut our own even making trips to the woods when we were young. Eventually we ventured to tree farms and have recently made our trips much quicker by picking one already cut at the front of the tree farm. When cutting our own we probably found the perfect one right away but had to make sure and then forgot where the original one was. 2 hrs later we would finally settle. I think this year was a record. 3 pre cut trees in under 30 min. And a hay ride to follow. We had a great time. Of course this was a momentous photo op being the boys first Christmas tree hunt.

Decorating Nana & Poppi's tree with Uncle Bubba.

Decorating our tree.

Watching the excitement.

Stockings for 5!


Clint and Marilyn said...

I love the picture of all the stockings!

Mandy said...

AWESOME!!! Absolutely Awesome!! And I LOVE the new blog background, very cute!!
Miss you!!

Melinda said...

Love your 5 stocking pic. I did that last year too. Something about seeing the 5 stockings for the first time is so amazing!

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