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Friday, January 08, 2010

8 month stats

Micah & Mason are 8 months old today. Some of you are probably thinking it has been a while since I have posted a stat update. That is because I didn't ever get to their 7month post. So here is what has been going on with the boys.

Stats: Both are 18 1/2 lbs with 2 bottom and 1 top tooth (Mason's just cut through this week). They both started sitting well during our Christmas celebrations. It has been a nice change of scenery for them to be upright. Mason started putting his head down and pulling his knees underneath him several weeks ago. Micah was showing no signs towards crawling at all. All of a sudden about a week ago he popped up fully on hands and knees and now rocks back and forth. It won't be long before he is on the move. I am hoping this is a good thing and he will be able to get to what he wants. Mason got on hands on knees and stayed their longer than 1 second today.

Sleep: Somewhere around a month ago or so the boys dropped their evening nap. Unless we are in the car. They are now doing a 10:30 and 2ish nap which works well. My goal has been for several months to get them sleeping fully in their cribs for naps. Thanksgiving weekend while we were in Eugene Micah decided that he did not want to go to sleep in any of our normal ways. We weren't at home so the swing wasn't an option. He screamed when I swaddled him and screamed when I held him. So I let him cry it out. A few weeks later he is know going to sleep totally on his own in his crib with minor fussing. YAY! I never thought I would do CIO this little but it worked.
Mason was still content to be swaddled and not rolling over in it. Until about 3 weeks ago. So I stopped swaddling him as well. He did not transition quite as well. He freaked out if I laid him down awake. He had been doing it swaddled fine. He started going to sleep in his swing since Micah was in the nursery already sleeping. This week we tried it again and he is going down on his own for the most part. As of New Years day both babies took a nap put down awake for over 1 1/2 hours both in the nursery. And since then have fallen asleep to each other crying and not been woken if the other wakes(most of the time). It is still a work in progress, not perfect each day, but this is huge!!! I am a very happy mommy.

Food: The boys are becoming pro solid eaters. They have discovered crakers, bagels, french fries, and this week chicken. They love anything they can hold onto and eat. Although they have not conquered feeding themselves anything small like cheerios. They get locked in their palm and are unsure how to get it out. Unless it is to drop it on the floor. You should see my kitchen after a meal. WOW! Those two can make a mess.

That is pretty much everything I can think of for now. They are the happiest babies ever. Their smiles are contagious. We are having so much fun with them.
Here are a few collages of each of them from the last month.




8 month pic
...coming soon.


Juicy said...

such sweet babies! and good weights too. Sounds like they're trucking right along.

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