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Saturday, January 30, 2010

January Update

Well an entire month has gotten by me once again and left me behind on picture updates. Someday I will be able to keep up with this blog.
The boys are growing fast. Mason is army crawling everywhere and into everything. Micah rocks back and forth on his knees still wanting to follow so badly. It won't be long.
They are starting to fight over toys pulling it back and forth. And even some tears. I cannot help but laugh.
We are doing lots more finger foods. Mason is up to trying and even eating several bites of most things. After the first bite of anything new Micah clamps his mouth shut and scrunches his face up. He is not as in love with them. They can go through a box of cheerios or graham crackers in nothing flat though.
They both got their 5th tooth this week and are working on number 6. Madison only had 2 until 10months so they are way ahead.

Madison is loving her brothers. She is such a good play mate and truly loves to play with them and help. She has been so funny lately with things she will say. Is she 3 or 13?
She told me she is going to go to High School and it will have a TV like Haley's school. I told her she has to go to Preschool first. She asked for a Pink phone in her bedroom this week. Seriously! And she told me she is going to drive when I get little and she gets big. Ummm! Am I shrinking? Most days she has on a Disney princess costume, jewelry, and or heels. She is very much a girl.
I am happy to report that the brown dog (You may remember the mention of this imaginary creature that lived under daddy's chair) has been vacuumed up. Last night while vacuuming Daddy decided to tell her this as he went around his chair. At first she said no you didn't but when he said it again she just looked puzzled and walked away like Ok he is gone! To fuuny!

Thanks to everyone who left fun responses to my name question. I loved hearing how you picked your names!

And if you haven't already, please vote on a blog name on the right hand side of the page. I know I can barely keep up with one blog, but I want a place separate to share my crafts. I have several photos ready to post.

Well here is a month worth of fun pics to see. Enjoy!


Mandy said...

Sometimes I still can't believe you got two at once. Looking at these pictures reminds me of when we found out you were having two. How fun is this!?!?!?! I can't imagine it any other way!
BIG HUGS to you, Madi and the boys!!

Melinda said...

The boys and Madison are getting so big! It's amazing how quickly they grow up!

Amy said...

They are getting so big and those smiles are contagious!

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