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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Top 100

Well all 3 of my children officially have top 100 kids names in 2010. This was definitely not why we chose or even how we came across them. I always knew that Madison (#6) was on the list but did not care. We loved it and used it despite that. 2001 was the height of its popularity with 16,000 per million babies named and number 1 on the list. shows it on the top 100 list since at least 1995. WOW!
Mason (#28) I had a feeling was pretty popular just from hearing it lots but mostly with older kids. It has also been on the list since 1995 or ealier.
Micah actually surprised me. It barely made the list though at # 95 for boys. And just joined the top 100 in 2008.
So much for being unique. I guess all of our M's and our fun last name can be our unique quality.

Here are some fun questions for you: Why did you choose your kids names? Was the top 100 list where you got them? Did you choose them for the meaning or just because you liked them?
I love comments so bring them on.

A January post is coming soon. As well as a blog name poll. I got lots of great responses to my search. So many in fact that I need some help narrowing it down.
Hopefully I will be back tonight.


Melinda said...

I'll answer your fun question! With Evan we were watching "While you were out" on TLC and the hosts name was Evan Farmer. David and I both liked the sound of the name so Evan we went with! For the twins we were trying to find names that end with "N". My brother and SIL's kids names all end with "N" and so did Evan. So we both liked Kaden (even though it is super popular). For Nolan I was going through a name list of names that end with "N". I came across Nolan called David on my way to work and asked if he liked it and he did. So we went with Kaden and Nolan. All 3 names are in the top 100. Evan is #30, Kaden is #7, and Nolan is #94(right above Micah!) but it doesn't bug me one bit. Actually it's funny all 3 of our names are right about the same level as all 3 of your names...Kinda funny!

Patti said...

We chose Emersyn because we loved how unique it was. Brett didn't love it at first but when we decided to spell it "Emersyn" versus "Emerson", he loved it. We loved the nicknames that came with it, and I really liked Emma which Brett didn't so I thought I could get away with calling Emersyn Emma but she is totally NOT an Emma so that is fine. Her name is getting more popular though, much to my dismay. :) I didn't really choose her first name for any meaning, but her middle name Grace has a lot of meaning to me. Because of Emersyn's unique name though, it puts a certain amount of pressure of me if we had another girl, because I want their names to "match" in a sense. We'll see. We already have a boy name picked out. Another "E" name. :) According to Babycenter, Emersyn is #1332. Emerson for a girl is #328 so it's climbing.

Aren't you glad you asked? :) I love names, could ramble on about them forever.

I love all your fun "M" names!!!

Annie, Joe, Brendan and Aubrey Bessman said...

Neither of our kids names were picked for anything special. I just always liked the name Brendan (meaning little raven... not significant at all...) And Aubrey was a name I read in a book. It didn't disuade me from using it even when I found out it meant "ruler of little people." (no joke!) The middle names on the other hand are special. Brendan's is Daniel (my dad's name) and Aubrey's is Lenora (with a special story of compromise between my husband and me...)

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