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Monday, November 29, 2010

18 months & 4 yrs old!

The boys turned 18months on the 8th. They are getting soo big so fast and lots more fun all the time. They are both adding words constantly. Mason has around 25words and Micah has around 10.  Micah was 23lbs 10oz and 33inches and Mason was 24lbs 3oz and 33 1/2 inches. I am not convinced their heights were accurate as Mason is visibly taller than Micah now. They love balls, trucks, their sister, and the cat.
They are both horribly picky eaters! If it is not a hot dog, chicken nuggets, cracker, cheese, or fruit forget it.  Veggies or any other meat form need not apply. :) We are working on it.

Micah is Mr. Independent playing on his own a lot of the time. He was more content making Uh-huh-huh noises than talking til the last 2 weeks. He is the ham of the group though. If you tell him no he looks away and then raises his eyebrows and peeks back at you to test your answer. He will  just crack himself up over something with the cute fake laugh. He loves to get his brothers tummy and be tickled.

Mason is the social one. He yells Bubba to wake Micah up most mornings, or calls Sissy if she is not around. He talks and chatters all day long and says hi to people walking by in the stroller. He is a bit more of an observer if they actually come up to him though. He is also a bit more needy of my attention than Micah which is opposite of how they were as babies. He loves hugs! I love watching their personalities grow and change.

Madison will be 4 on the 13th. She is turning into such a fun little girl. She has just the right amount of sassiness. Although I am sure some days I may struggle with that same attitude. She loves all things girlie. Dress up and make up, Princess anything, Barbies, shopping, babies (real and dolls), her best friend Sydney, and her brothers. She is quite the social butterfly. She loves preschool and knew everyone's names in the first week. This month has been tough having so few school days. She is so excited to go back tomorrow. Little does she know Christmas break is coming. She is super excited for her Princess Birthday Party this weekend. The chance to be girlie and be with all her friends is the ultimate day for Madison. I think I am just as excited for her to experience all that I have planned though. I am looking forward to doing more "girl" things with Madison this year. It is nice that the babies are big enough for us to do that. One last thing about Madison- She is a DUCKS fan and will tell you! She tells Daddy that Beavers stink and wants to buy him a Duck shirt for Christmas. She is working with me on transforming him. :)

My kids are getting so fun. They all play well together most days and truly love each other. I am one lucky mommy.

Watch for more family pictures later in the week.


Alisa Reese said...

Okay, it's a good thing part of my Bible study tonight was about the dangers of comparing ourselves to others, because... 24 words?! I'm feeling quite insecure now about my little Luke's 5 or so actual words... if that many. Maybe he'll be an athlete? :)

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