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Friday, September 19, 2008

Cake Mamas & Sisters

3weeks ago Dara and I started taking a Wilton's cake decorating class. The first week was informational learning how to make, level, fill, and ice a cake. Each week we bring an iced cake to decorate. The first hour is learning a new technique then we put it into practice on the cake we brought. It has been so much fun. We have learned a lot in just a few short weeks.
There are 12 students total. Some very interesting people to say the least. I think our favorites we call "The Sisters". They actually call each other sister and are sister in laws. They are so funny and quite opposite in personality from each other. They sit across the table from us. There is a grandmother and granddaughter, and several sets of friends. It is a blast getting to spend so much time with Dara. We get together on Wednesdays and do our base cakes. We have gone though alot of shortening and powdered sugar to make MANY batches of icing each week. We have also made a complete disaster of my kitchen many times. Then Thursdays for 2hrs we leave the girls with their Daddy's and have some sticky fun working with icing. I had no idea it could be such a nice Mommy break. We have spent much of our time laughing.
Our goal is to get through all 4courses to the fondant level. We both have cake ideas in mind for upcoming events we would like to make. Mine is a fondant Minnie Mouse cake for Madison's birthday party.
Here are some pictures of our cake experience. There is quite the progression of icing stages. The cupcakes in the pics I made for my friend and coworker Mandy's birthday last week.


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