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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Go Ducks!

We took Madison to her first Duck Game today. We went with Poppy, Nana, Bubba, Katie, Ally, and Haley. She had a blast clapping and cheering. She was looking way to cute with her green and yellow hair bows. The game was right during nap but she did great. She amazingly stayed awake the whole ride home. We enjoyed all the extra snuggle time she was willing to give as she got more and more tired. We met with Gma Dolly(Madison' name for her) and Papa at Red Robin on the way home.
And of course and an important note the Ducks won big time.


Britta said...

Was that Matt in duck gear? Gasp!

Emily said...

Hurray for the Ducks! None of my kids have gone to one yet! She is one lucky girl! Papaw will take them soon i'm sure, once I tell him Madison got to go!

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