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Saturday, September 06, 2008

The Great Outdoors

We went on our annual family camping trip to Odell Lake over Labor Day weekend. I(Melissa) have been there every since since I was born. It is such a fun time to visit with all of our family. There were 25+ of us. As the family keeps growing the more fun it gets. Madison loved getting to know all of my family even more and learning how to say many new names. She also got to play with my cousins daughter for the first time. She is 11months younger than Madison. It was so weird to think about Madison being that small camping last year. She has grown so much.
This year was by far the coldest we have experienced. It is normally cold at night but this year it was still in the low 40's during the day. Needless to day we spent most of our time by the fire. Madison didn't seem phased by it. I kept trying to take her into our trailer (Thank you John & Molly) to warm up but she would look out the window saying "outside" until we went back out. I luckily brought her snow suit that kept her plenty warm. The last night it rained and those in tents went home. The morning we left it was sunny and warming up of course. Overall we had a wonderful but cold time.
I know the slide show is long but I wanted all of those who were with us to get to see their pics with Madison.


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